Chapter 10: "There and Back Again"

“There and Back Again”


The woman jammed her keyboard with her finger cursing at the screen. She checked her watch and then snapped a rubber band around her ponytail to keep it in place. The screen finally flashed green letters at her waiting for her to enter a message.

Message: Paul, I know it’s been awhile, but-

A fist pounding at the apartment door snapped her attention away from the screen. She found herself holding her breath while watching the door. After a few seconds of silence, she turned back to the computer and typed out a quick message.

Message: Paul, I know it’s been awhile, but I’m in trouble. I need your help NOW.

—Elizabeth Cole

More pounding at the door. Elizabeth hit the SEND button on the computer. She walked over to her bed where a packed bag was ready to go. The top of the bag was flipped open, a pistol was carefully pulled out, and the weapon was cocked.

Chapter 9: "Letting Go"

“Letting Go”

Planet: Askalade (Ruins)

Location: Underground Cariet Station


A chunk of tile smashed against Paul’s face knocking him to the ground. He dropped his end of the blanket and wiped blood away from his face.

Are you all right?Dr. Graham asked holding the other end of the makeshift litter.

From down the walkway, twenty or so citizens charged after the crew of the Polera. The mob wielded crude weapons and threw more debris in their rage. They were not about to let the body of their prophet, the Wheeler, be taken away by the outsiders.

I’m fine. Let’s get this idiot to the Polera,” Paul said picking up his end of the blanket.

The two men carried between them the unconscious body of Lawrence Wheeler, former religious icon of the Cariet. Coordinate De’assario and Catherine led the way towards the open plaza frantically searching for any more signs of trouble. Within moments, the group was out into the plaza, a section of scrubbed tiles and open space between massive sections of apartment buildings.

Catherine looked behind and said, “There’s no time. They’re right on us.”

Chapter 8: "The Heart of Brightness"

“Heart of Brightness”

Planet: Askalade (Ruins)

Location: Underground Cariet Station


An man stirred in his sleep atop his thin mattress. He struggled with his dream as though caught in a net.

A vision came to him of a spartan room made up of ever shrinking grey walls. The man saw himself close the only door to this room with his eyes cast down at the floor. At the other end of the space, grey figures sat. Faceless figures. Nameless figures, yet the man still felt ashamed to be in their presence.

There was a stillness to the room. The man reached into his simple, linen shirt and drew out a pistol with a trembling hand. He whimpered softly. At the sight of the gun, the grey figures shifted and darkened. The old man raised the weapon with beads of sweat crowning his head.

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

The gun fired.

Chapter 7: "Spears and Zero-G"

“Spears and Zero-G”

Planet: Askalade (Ruins)

Location: In Orbit


The Polera floated dead in space…

Not much I can do now,” Paul said. He leaned back in his chair on the bridge and closed his eyes.

The pencil slipped from the lips of Doctor Graham as the power went out in the medical lab. The computer was just minutes away from an eight day analysis on alien biological samples when everything shut down.

You have to be kidding me,” he said.

The doctor floated up off his chair in the now weightless environment and began pushing himself back towards engineering. He slid through the oil covered door into the large chamber housing the system drives. On the floor, Bill cried out in pain with a jagged piece of support structure pinning him down. Graham went to help by trying to remove the sharp metal as though he was performing surgery.

Catherine checked on the dwindling life-support readouts when something caught her out a window on the side of the ship. There, just 40 feet from the Polera was another vessel. It was a beige transport the likes of which she had not seen.

Chapter 6: "Ruin Jumping"

“Ruin Jumping”

Planet: Puroc (Ruins)

Location: Enclosed Bridge over Canyon


A shallow stream wound its way between canyon walls. Across the canyon balanced a monorail bridge with a few rail cars still rusted to its track. Inside the covered bridge, four souls crept through the shadows hoping to find their friend. Paul Cole shuffled around the cars in the darkness at the front of the group. Behind him, moving from car to car, Catherine shined a light in one hand and held her pistol tightly with the other. The doctor and his new friend, Tim, brought up the rear. Each of them were cautious. Each of them hoping the aliens had spared their victim.

Chapter 5: "The Good Doctor"

“The Good Doctor”

Planet: Vetarid (Grey Union)

Location: Harbor Warehouse District


The motorcycle rider revved the engine and tapped an anxious foot on a pedal. The visor on the helmet reflected several warehouses stacked in long rows alongside a waterway. The afternoon heat ratcheted up, and the long wait only meant something wrong had happened. More time ticked by.

The door to a nearby warehouse slammed open. The rider reached for a pistol on the bike but stopped, recognizing the woman racing out. She clutched a backpack looped around her shoulder and charged at the bike.

“Go, go, go!”

Chapter 4: "Free to Die"

What follows is a synopsis of Chapter 4. Fully fleshed out adventure logs begin with Chapter 5 and continue thereafter.

“Free to Die”

Phillip Newsome, the terrorist leader, rushed Daniel Graham to a small ship ready for takeoff. Phillip explained that the Isonen security were on to his subversive work and would soon find him. He helped hide the doctor aboard the ship with enough supplies to last the journey to a civilized world as well as a recording of the atrocities taking place in the compound. Graham felt more than a little guilt at leaving all the slaves behind.

Paul Cole was also whisked away to the ship but dressed as a corporate pilot of the Newsome Trust. Both he and the doctor had trouble reconciling the violent acts Phillip had ordered with his selfless act of getting them to safety. The vessel took off from the chocking winds of Isonen, never to return.

Chapter 3: "Winds of Isonen"

What follows is a synopsis of Chapter 3. Fully fleshed out adventure logs begin with Chapter 5 and continue thereafter.

“Winds of Isonen”


Daniel Graham dreamt of an awards ceremony years back in his honor. He was seated by prestigious doctors and fellow surgeons at a black-tie affair. A patient, a young woman who owed her life the hospital, stepped up to the podium in a fine dress and spoke about the amazing work Doctor Graham had performed to keep her alive. The doctor hid his pride by sipping at some expensive wine while his mentor placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. With a huge jolt, the doctor smacked his head on the bulkhead of a ship. His dream vanished.

He wasn’t at a nice dinner years back. No one was congratulating him on his surgical skills. He was shackled inside a prison shuttle heading with Paul Cole sitting across from him with a sour look on his face.

Chapter 2: "Ashes to Ashes"

What follows is a synopsis of Chapter 2. Fully fleshed out adventure logs begin with Chapter 5 and continue thereafter.

“Ashes to Ashes”

Polera flew in between icy cliffs and rock outcroppings with the alien ship giving chase. Doctor Graham climbed to the top of the old transport where he strapped himself into a turret. Though it was originally designed for missile defense, the turret was Polera’s only line of defense.

Weaving in and out of the terrain with the alien ship blasting at her tail, the doctor blasted away with all he had. Paul flew his vessel near the mining outpost where a large anti-air gun lay in ambush for the alien. A blast from the cannon on the ground splintered the alien ship apart. It erupted in flames against the backdrop of the icy world.

Chapter 1: “Cold Beginning”

“Cold Beginning”

Planet: Ormor (Fringe)

Location: Hillside Road


Whipping through the forest, a truck bounced along the dirt road. Bill, a grimy man and friend to no one, sat behind the controls and turned the vehicle gently around the next turn.

“We need to go faster,” said the passenger sitting next to him looking out the back window, “much faster.”


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