Chapter 2: "Ashes to Ashes"

What follows is a synopsis of Chapter 2. Fully fleshed out adventure logs begin with Chapter 5 and continue thereafter.

“Ashes to Ashes”

Polera flew in between icy cliffs and rock outcroppings with the alien ship giving chase. Doctor Graham climbed to the top of the old transport where he strapped himself into a turret. Though it was originally designed for missile defense, the turret was Polera’s only line of defense.

Weaving in and out of the terrain with the alien ship blasting at her tail, the doctor blasted away with all he had. Paul flew his vessel near the mining outpost where a large anti-air gun lay in ambush for the alien. A blast from the cannon on the ground splintered the alien ship apart. It erupted in flames against the backdrop of the icy world.

Polera celebrated with the miners, ensured communications were re-established, took the saboteur whose role was never quite determined, and headed off to civilized space. Folding back into friendly territory, the crew helped rescue a small tug, the Brace, trapped some distance from the nearest world. The helped the tug back to port and took on some passengers of their own.

Along the way, one of the passengers, and old fellow, became ill just as a Grey Union boat pulled alongside for an inspection. The Union officers were tricked into thinking the sick passenger carried a disease and left, but not before taking some valuable supplies with them. Doctor Graham then had time to assist the old man with Polera’s extensive medical suite, only to find that the man had a critical issue with his heart and would not make the rest of the voyage. The crew spoke with the man who simply asked that if he died before the trip was through that they help him with his important delivery. In his quarters were the sealed ashes of a woman who was to be brought back to her son in the Confederacy of Embriss. The ship’s liaison, Catherine, agreed, and a few days later, the man passed away.

Arriving in the metropolis world of Sarech, the crew took the ashes of the mother they had never met to the address provided. Before them stood a towering skyscraper of glass and steel that was the headquarters of Newsome Trust, an inter-system foundation that helped start new worlds and struggling colonies on the Fringe.

Catherine, Paul, and Graham were escorted as special VIPs to the top floor where Daniel Newsome, the president of the Trust, was holding a press conference with dozens of people in attendance. No sooner had the crew made a kind gesture before the cameras of returning his departed mother’s ashes, when a series of explosions ripped through the assembly. Daniel Newsome was killed while terrorists attacked the corporate guards.

The crew of the Polera had been mistaken by terrorists as some of their own. Paul helped security forces bring them down while Graham attended to the wounded. The media showed some of the chaos recorded on their cameras, but mostly there were shots of a heroic Doctor Graham attending the wounded in the middle of a fire fight.

Local police sorted through the mess and found that the Polera crew were indeed just delivering some symbolic remains that the terrorists had been waiting on before staging their attack. However, since the camera footage showed them knee deep in trouble, the federal agents asked for the crew’s help. If they continued to play along as though members of this terrorist organization they could help authorities get to their leader. Paul Newsome, another member of the Newsome family was behind all the death and destruction in some attempt to bring an end to what he viewed as his family’s legacy of corruption and greed.

If the crew earned the trust of Paul Newsome and helped authorities bring him to justice it would bring an end to the terrorism. There was little interest in getting involved with terrorists and getting into trouble until the newest head of Newsome Trust, James Embry, offered a sizable reward as well.

Paul and Doctor Graham agreed to pose as terrorists, Catherine required a five-star hotel while they were away, and Bill was confined to the engine room of the Polera.



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