Chapter 4: "Free to Die"

What follows is a synopsis of Chapter 4. Fully fleshed out adventure logs begin with Chapter 5 and continue thereafter.

“Free to Die”

Phillip Newsome, the terrorist leader, rushed Daniel Graham to a small ship ready for takeoff. Phillip explained that the Isonen security were on to his subversive work and would soon find him. He helped hide the doctor aboard the ship with enough supplies to last the journey to a civilized world as well as a recording of the atrocities taking place in the compound. Graham felt more than a little guilt at leaving all the slaves behind.

Paul Cole was also whisked away to the ship but dressed as a corporate pilot of the Newsome Trust. Both he and the doctor had trouble reconciling the violent acts Phillip had ordered with his selfless act of getting them to safety. The vessel took off from the chocking winds of Isonen, never to return.

While the two men had suffered on the slave world, Catherine Stapleton had been put in a five-star hotel back in Sarech. She was kept out of sight from the media so as not to blow the undercover operations of her friends. A virtual prisoner in heaven, she lounged around for weeks in a cotton robes eating the finest cuisine. Bored one day, she received a message from Paul telling her to meet them back at Polera and to trust no one. Before she had her belongings packed there was an armed man forcing his way in to her suite. She jumped down a fire chute that dropped penthouse guests down to the city streets safely. She hit the ground running as her assassin followed. By the time he reached the ground, Catherine had disappeared amidst the crowd.

With everyone gathered at the ship, the crew received a coded message from Phillip Newsome that the company, Newsome Trust, had sensitive financial data arriving via shuttle for pickup in a few days. If they could acquire the data, the media would be much more willing to believe the Isonen recordings brought back with them.

The crew flew their shuttle to a public docking station perched atop a skyscraper with plenty of traffic flying in and out. The delivery ship landed an hour later and was greeted by several Grey Union men in an air car. There was little time to figure out the connection between Newsome Trust and the Grey Union. As the delivery of computers and files began, the Polera crew ambushed the men in a blaze of gunfire atop the platform. The officers lay dead, the goods and crew aboard their shuttle, and local security were giving chase.

Cole launched the shuttle off the platform straight at the ground and weaved in an out of airborne traffic to lose the authorities. A navigation buoy suspended in the air for traffic clipped the shuttle racing past at a blistering speed. The shuttle spiraled out of control and down to the streets below.

Cole slid the tiny craft to a screeching halt into the middle of an intersection with dozens of cars and pedestrians watching in shock. The crew pulled their wounded out of the wreckage and left it behind. Polera’s only shuttle was left in a mangled heap in the middle of a busy intersection. With the data in their hands, they fled the security and stole a truck to get to safety.

Catherine, Paul, and Doctor Graham sat in their stolen truck covered in blood and bruises while deciding the fate of the powerful information in their position. They were hired by Newsome Trust to bring in Phillip Newsome as a terrorist, but the horrific acts they had witnessed clouded their loyalties. The police were counting on them to bring over any data, but they weren’t sure whom to trust. On top of that, they were acting undercover as terrorists themselves with only a select few police in on the operation.

In the end, they were tired of being everyone’s pawns. They crew decided to let everything out and let these companies and police sort it all out. They took the Isonen recordings and the financial data and sent them to every media outlet on Sarech. Images of the bodies of slaves piled in a heap for disposal flashed across screens everywhere. Newsome Trust was brought to ruin in a matter of seconds.

Graham contacted the authorities and gave up the location of Phillip Newsome. He was directly responsible for bringing his family’s company to justice, but he was a terrorist just the same.



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