The Atlantic (“Atties” or “Atlantean”) is the name given by the Embriss Navy to an alien threat that has recently surfaced.

Atlantic ships tend to be agile and a sparkly, blue color. They are aggressive each time they are encountered with no desire for contact. The ships fire a energy weapon in a tight triangle burst. They also carry a single missile of some considerable power.

The ships tend to rest in unusual positions, such as on the sides of canyons or suspended under bridges.

The Atlantic are a race of creatures from an unknown location. They are slightly smaller than humans and move about as bipeds. They are blue to purple in color with a rubbery skin. They have pronounced necks that resemble a serpent that end in canine snouts.

The Atlantic are also hostile in person as well. They have been known to take prisoners for several days. They wield an energy pistol that fires a tight triangle burst similar in effect to a charge rifle. They also carry a radar disk shaped pistol that fires a slow traveling blob of energy that carries the explosive power of an high-explosive grenade. Both weapons have no triggers and no known way to operate by humans.

These aliens have made no concerted attacks, but lone ships out in the Fringe can still cause considerable damage to unprotected pioneers. Grey Union and Confederacy ships have both been ordered to destroy them on sight.


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