Bill Forrester, “the engineer”

(Bill is an NPC)

Bill keeps the Polera’s engines running as best he can. Bill understands that the ship gets into extremely dangerous situations at a moment’s notice, but he still treats his work as a 9-5 salaried job. When anything comes up outside of his normal shift, or God forbid during one of his breaks, you’ll get an earful from Bill.

Bill doesn’t care for anyone on board. Bill’s short-term goal is to be present whenever the captain, Paul Cole, makes a fool out of himself.

Most Destructive Attributes:

Skills You Wish Bill Knew Better:
Electrical / Mechanical

Bill was fired as a crew member of the ship in Chapter 10: “There and Back Again”.

Bill was also the very first character mentioned in the entire campaign at the start of Chapter 1: “Cold Beginning”


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