Cariet is a station built underground on the planet of Askalade. The main access is through a ship entry tunnel that drops straight down several hundred meters through a field to keep the atmosphere out.

The people that live here follow the Cariet rules.

The facility is a massive chamber several square miles in size with a deeper power complex below. Cariet was once used as a refueling and repair station for an old empire. The people here still maintain the equipment though they have forgotten what for.

There is room for twenty large ships to dock within the chamber, but only one, Photaegrin resides there now. The place is made up of apartment buildings in the center of a massive chamber. There is a constant dropping of water from above, and the place is scrubbed clean on a regular basis.

Cariet is governed by Coordinate De’assario who lives in the upper section with his people known as the mains. The mains each handle a specific task to keep the station and their community functional.

Below the mains, live the rhargs, their religious brethren who keep the power the station functional as well as manage their spiritual affairs. They have a monastic lifestyle below and wear linen draped in the shape of an “X” across their chests. They are lead by Anjileer Chief Oopin.

Cariet was encounted in Chapter 8: “Heart of Brightness” & Chapter 9: “Letting Go”.


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