Confederation of Embriss

The Confederation of Embriss is made of up 23 worlds in the last regions of space safe for humanity. The Embriss government mirrors that of the former empire that was destroyed by the virus more than 200 years ago. There is a council from each world with various committees ruling on all the issues. There are democratic elections held all too often at the expense of confusion and economic concerns.

The hope of the Confederacy is that by living like the empires did in the past, that glory and salvation will return to humanity once again. Privileges and rights are maintained that many argue get in the way of true growth and stability. The Embriss treasury, though enormous, cannot maintain all its programs and regulations to maintain the traditions of old for more than another generation.

In times of terrible crisis, a government must take a hard look at many laws and programs that make the situation worse. The Confederacy refuses to make these changes. The result is that the poor on one world are helped and managed, while the middle-class of another world falls apart due to a bureaucratic mistake.

The cities of Embriss are the most beautiful in existence. They spare no expense to maintain their parks, clean streets, and highways.

A recent trend within the Confederacy are militant groups who have had enough of the cold bureaucracy. They protest in any way they can to shake up the utopia living in ignorance. Some groups even go so far as terrorism and murder. The result of this has been increased police presence. Heavily-armed officers in shiny, body armor patrol the streets with help of cameras on every street corner.

The Confederacy of Embriss struggles against the Grey Union’s exploitation of worlds and resources. The Confederacy believes that not only will the GU waste what few planets are left for expansion, but that the GU will sacrifice thousands of lives in the sake of their greed. To this end, the Confederate Navy has had its budget dramatically increase over the last 20 years (further hurting domestic stability) to field several large fleets to protect their worlds and the Fringe.


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