The Fringe is a term used for the loose collection of planets rimward of known space. The people who make their lives here are mostly pioneers or outcasts from the Grey Union or the Confederacy of Embriss. A few remote corporate or government facilities are also located in this region.

The worlds rich in resources or habitable environments have already been claimed by the coalitions. What is left is the Fringe. Life here is tough. People live by the shipments that come in every few weeks, their crude terraform mechanisms, and whatever justice they can find in this lawless region.

Though there is no AI presence in the Fringe, a new threat referred to as the Atlantic have risen in the last six months. The stronger worlds in the Fringe have banded together to put together a rough militia able to respond to the alien threat.

A recent treaty between the two major powers, Embriss and the GU, have stopped all colonization efforts between them in the Fringe until clear borders can be defined. The Fringe is the most contested region of space.


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