Graham Log 11 and 12

Entry Posted:

Everything about the abandoned station in my last log will hereby be stricken from the record! That station was abandoned but not empty. For starters it had an A.I. infestation controlling all aspects of the station. It had corrupted the robot staff and turned most of them against us, we got cut off from our escape route, assaulted, attacked, assaulted again, lost, wounded, plagued by a plethora of sociopathic machines, lost yet again, dropped, dunked, nearly vented into space, covered in kelp, trapped, besieged…..... And Lived!

We successfully retrieved the shuttle and a few extra datapads. It nearly cost us our lives, but this crew is determined. Niko proved he has the “right stuff” and eventually allowed us to escape this demented station. Catherine’s lock expertise proved extremely useful and allowed us to get some temporary personal force-field belts. And Paul’s amazing shooting and flying skills left more than a few machines in pieces. The odds were certainly stacked against us every step of the way, but we made it. As a final farewell to this “Donut of Death” we left a marker buoy warning other ships about the dangers awaiting within. I do feel sorry for Niche, as Catherine would like to speak with him in the future.

Note: It is the decision of the crew to name our new shuttlecraft the O-SHTTL in honor of how neck deep in feces we were while trying to get the damn thing.

Entry Continued:

We’ve continued on to the planet Lathier. We’re here responding to a message sent to Paul from his sister. Even though time was short, the captain ordered us all to have one night of shore leave. I was going to recommend something like that after we had attended to his sister. , but he beat me to it. Just when I feel he can’t surprise me anymore. We dressed up in our best attire and hit the town. I spent 2 unfruitful hours donating money at a possible rigged casino. I think Catherine went to a spa, I’m not sure what Paul and Niko are doing. We’re all meeting later for dinner. All of this is courtesy of our now unneeded shuttle fund.

Tomorrow we start looking for Elizabeth. Paul says to expect anything. Don’t we always?

Crew Status: Several critical wounds that would most certainly be life threatening without the ships Auto-Doc, or such a timely escape. Burns, lacerations, torn ligaments, water inhalation, light nerve damage from a stunning weapon, and a few emotional scars from such a harrowing ordeal. Will be looking out for any symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Due to the success and our shore leave, morale is very high.

Signature: [Signed] Dr. Daniel Graham, CMO/FS

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Graham Log 11 and 12

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