Newsome Trust

Newsome Trust was a large firm that handled risky start-up worlds, from terraforming equipment to hiring colonists looking for a new start.

Newsome Trust was run by two brothers, Daniel and Phillip Newsome who were at constant odds.

Daniel held control of the company and was pulling funding for most of their start-up worlds, leaving thousands possibly stranded without help. His focus was the expensive grain on the world Isonen.

Phillip Newsome was a rebel who fought against his brother destroying the lives of thousands of colonists. Phillip turned to crime and acts of terrorism to bring down Newsome Trust and kill his own brother.

After Daniel’s death, Newsome Trust was run by James Embry who was later imprisoned for his part in the Isonen incident. Newsome Trust was dismantled and its assets absorbed by several smaller companies.

Newsome Trust was encountered in Chapter 2: “Ashes to Ashes”, Chapter 3: “Winds of Isonen”, and Chapter 4: “Free to Die”.

Newsome Trust

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