NPC Angela Loret

Angela Loret was a nurse who fell into economic hardship. She took a job with Newsome Trust to handle medical care on Isonen. It wasn’t until she arrived at the slave labor camp that she realized what she had gotten herself into.

With no where else to go, Angela worked at the camp doing her best to keep the people there healthy and alive in such horrific conditions. She befriended Dr. Graham, finding him to be a very competent trauma doctor. She was pivotal in getting both he and Paul Cole out of the labor workforce which saved their lives.

Angela was forced to flee Isonen when word about the conditions there reached the media. She was accused of being a leader of the operations. She fled aboard the Owed Score to the planet Puroc where she was captured by alien aggressors. The crew of Polera came to her rescue, and helped her start a new life on the Fringe.

After several years passed, she was visited by Doctor Graham, and the two of them have formed a professional and personal relationship.

Angela Loret was encountered in Chapter 3: “Winds of Isonen” and Chapter 5: “The Good Doctor”.

NPC Angela Loret

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