NPC Wheeler

Lawrence Wheeler, aka the Wheeler, is a opportunist and conman. Lawrence flew his rocket between the Fringe and the Ruins looking for easy salvage and people without much common sense.

He is skilled in engineering and scavenging, but his real ability is in manipulating others.

Wheeler arrived on Askalade to scavenge some materials from an antenna cluster left behind. In his efforts to pry materials loose, he got the attention of the rhargs of Cariet, who brought him into their underground compound for questioning.

He quickly found that their devote religious beliefs of angels from above bringing salvation to Cariet could be exploited. Within a week, he showed the rhargs how to increase the capabilities of their generators and set himself up as their new prophet. He assumed control over the rhargs, unseating Anjileer Chief Oopin. Manipulating their generators, Wheeler started to irradiate the mains and preys on their religious fears so that he could become their savior for their radiation sickness if they only gave him more control.

Wheeler was discovered by the crew of Polera in Chapter 8: “Heart of Brightness” & set free in Chapter 9: “Letting Go”.

NPC Wheeler

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