The Polera is a converted Bethune class medical ship. She was designed for battlefield trauma either planetside or ship-to-ship emergencies. Her ability to bring a team of surgeons to the front lines of a conflict or to a medical crisis on a remote world have almost been forgotten.

She is is round in shape with a flat bottom and a bridge standing out of the upper front section. Polera is sometimes referred to as the “Turkey”.

The ship was converted 60 years ago to be a small transport common in the Fringe. Her recovery rooms have been turned into space for larger engines. Her communications arrays have been removed in place of light weaponry. Her trauma platform able to setup a temporary field hospital has been removed and now there is room for two standard cargo containers.

Polera has had many crews throughout her life time. She is currently owned by Paul Cole and Daniel Graham.

For a ship her size, she is quite maneuverable (though not necessarily fast) and has had her internal structure reinforced for added durability. Though changed over the years, she still retains her state-of-the-art diagnostic computer in her medical bay.

Polera has a continuing issue with various systems right after coming out of fold space. This can range from annoyance to catastrophe depending on where the ship has just arrived.

She is composed of three decks:

Deck 1: Deck 2:
  • Niko’s room
  • Spare room for passengers
  • Spare room for passengers with an odd smell
  • Hydroponics (converted from a passenger room)
  • Galley
  • Engineering (System Drives and Generator)

Deck 3:


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