Quotes of the Night

Our favorite lines said during the game:

Chapter 11: “Matrix Protocols”

1) Tom: (slipping up as the innocent Niko) “I’m not about denying pleasures…”

2) Meghan: (In response to some suggestive looking flying robots who are sensitive to light) “If it looks like a sperm, flash it… with your light.”

Chapter 10: “There and Back Again”

1) (winner for the night) an exchange between Tom and Chris, Bill has just walked off the ship for the very last time never to be seen again, after a brief pause, Tom snaps over to Chris and immediately starts a new scene:

Tom: “You are Bill for the next fifteen minutes.”
Chris: (pauses for a moment) “I kill myself.”
Tom: “You win!”

2) Chris: “The Aliens are rubbery but pliable.”

3) Meghan: (reading through the titles of her characters special skills) “I am an indomitable greased pig monkey who’s a natural salesman of recovered tech.”

4) Michael: “When was the last time we had a plan?”
Meghan: “Usually it’s in our pants.”

Chapter 8: “The Heart of Brightness”

1) Chris: (pre game chatter) “I forgot to tell my story about snowmen peeps in Iraq.”

2) Thomas (GM): (as NPC) “The angels will bring Chaos and Suffering!”

3) Thomas (GM): (catching himself midway through a conversation) “Symous says… Symous says? ... Damn!”

4) Thomas (GM): (as Reejel in as seductive a voice a man can get) “I think you are filled with the power.”

Chapter 7: “Spears and Zero-G”

1) Meghan: (wrapping up a conversation about her pet, exclaimed proudly) “Let the gerbils run!”

2) Chris: (after meeting the guards armed with spears) “In space, no one can hear you poke.”

3) Meghan: (as casual as one can say it) “I’m for space fucking…zero-g.”

Quotes of the Night

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