The Ruins are all the worlds coreward of civilized space that were devastated by the Ai virus. Of all the known planets that have ever been surveyed, the Grey Union and the Confederation of Embriss make up eight percent. The Ruins account for the remaining 92% and are a vast wasteland.

Outer Ruins

The regions closest to civilization have planets that have been plundered by scavengers several times over. There are a few pockets of humanity to be found here desperately struggling to survive. Since most of their cities have been irradiated, these people have been reduced to a rural lifestyle. Occasional locals might scavenge for themselves and trade with what few ships pass by.

Most locals are very suspicious and some outright hostile to ships landing on their world. For some, it is the possibility that the approaching craft is an AI ship looking to cause more death and destruction. There are ships that land on worlds and take whatever they want: items, resources, and even people. Some locals have simply had stories passed down about the Collapse and have become xenophobic through no experience of their own.

Actual encounters with AI ships are not too common but they do happen. There are plenty of dangers to be found, so few ships come this way except the desperate or the foolish. Embriss has laws forbidding ships from heading to and from the Ruins for fear of contamination with the virus. The Grey Union also has similar laws but they are not enforced often if a piece of the salvage is shared.

Deep Ruins

The Deep Ruins are locations that are more than two jumps into the wasteland of planets. This region is extremely dangerous. The AI presence is very real in the Deep Ruins, sometime in the form of small, coordinated fleets. There are plenty of lost technological artifacts to be recovered from these planets, but the risks just to get to them are extreme. Only extremely-motivated, corporate, salvage fleets dare travel out that far. Anyone traveling this deep should bring heavy firepower, lots of support, and be prepared to get in and get out quickly before an AI hellstorm descends.

Core Ruins

The Core Ruins is the region of space two to three months away from civilization at the minimum. This means somewhere along the lines of 15 to 30 folds, each through hostile territory. There are many stories about what lies out in this region. Some say vast riches untouched in centuries wait to be scooped up like loose change. The very obvious threat of intense AI presence is a likely issue. There are also rumors that mankind can be found here, having pushed back the AI menace and await contact from the isolated planets beyond the Ruins.

No ship has ever gone near this region and returned since the Collapse.


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