Chapter 3: "Winds of Isonen"

What follows is a synopsis of Chapter 3. Fully fleshed out adventure logs begin with Chapter 5 and continue thereafter.

“Winds of Isonen”


Daniel Graham dreamt of an awards ceremony years back in his honor. He was seated by prestigious doctors and fellow surgeons at a black-tie affair. A patient, a young woman who owed her life the hospital, stepped up to the podium in a fine dress and spoke about the amazing work Doctor Graham had performed to keep her alive. The doctor hid his pride by sipping at some expensive wine while his mentor placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. With a huge jolt, the doctor smacked his head on the bulkhead of a ship. His dream vanished.

He wasn’t at a nice dinner years back. No one was congratulating him on his surgical skills. He was shackled inside a prison shuttle heading with Paul Cole sitting across from him with a sour look on his face.

The two men were posing as followers of Phillip Newsome, the radical son leading a terrorist group against his family’s own company, Newsome Trust. Newsome believed the company had fallen under dangerous management and were about to strip funding from several Fringe worlds that would leave thousands of people stranded. His attack the days before killed his own brother and brought his terrorist group into the public spotlight.

Caught up in the attack and appearing to be on the wrong side of the law, Paul and Graham agreed to work with the police to bring Phillip Newsome to justice. Their shuttle arrived at a station in orbit to handle transfer to an Embriss prison on a different world. A uniformed fellow took charge of them and walked them straight away from the authorities. He identified himself as a member of “the cause”, and was to send them to Newsome in another system on a massive ship.

The two men boarded a modified, liquid hauler called the Angel Arch. Inside, hundreds of people had been corralled with bunks, barely enough food, sickness, and filth everywhere. The people seemed desperate for work, but after talking to men, women, and children on board, the dark story became more clear. These were simple people from the Ruins who had lived in their own communities. The crew of the ship had been torn from their homes. They were slaves with an armed crew standing guard.

Graham used what little supplies were available to help the sick while Paul tried to wrap his head around how this ship was connected to the terrorist, Phillip Newsome.

After several weeks, the enormous doors to the vessel opened up with piercing spotlights and a choking air on the other side. This was the slave world of Isonen. Fields of a specialized 20ft high grain were grown in harsh conditions creating a portable foodstuff. Dangerous chemicals and machinery worked nonstop by several thousand slaves taken from uncivilized worlds. The end result was food that kept well for long distance travel for other worlds. All of this, was a project of Newsome Trust corporation.

Cole and Graham worked for days as slaves while carefully feeling out for any sign of Phillip Newsome. They argued several plans about how they were going to get off the planet and even whether Phillip was deserved to be brought in to the police. If he was fighting the corporation his family had built to work thousands of people to death for profit, perhaps he was not the real enemy.

Graham found himself in the infirmary getting assistance where he met the nurse in charge of all the medical care for the thousands of slaves, Angela Loret. They became friends even in such a nightmarish setting. Graham proved to her several times over he was an amazing trauma surgeon making him an asset to the operations on Isonen. Both he and Paul were reassigned from work duty to the infirmary and life was better for them both.

After a few weeks, the two men were called into a meeting with the compound’s personnel manager. He closed the door, sat down with a smile, and identified himself as Phillip Newsome in a hushed voice. He said it was an honor to meet two men loyal to his cause. He had watched them on news channels in the attack back on Sarech. Phillip held out an open hand to the stunned men and said there was much work to be done to bring the compound down to its knees.



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